Step 2: setting up my Raspberry PI

You have received all the Raspberry PI components you had ordered. It is now time to assemble them and setup your new single-board computer.

Raspberry PI KitIn the previous post we described the requirements for setting up a Raspberry PI to be used with Postgres.

Now it is time for you to unwrap the components and start assembling them. Just plug in the power cable, the HDMI cable (on the display as well) and the USB keyboard and mouse on the Raspberry PI motherboard.

Finally connect the Ethernet cable to the LAN router. The case can be added at any time (before or after those operations).

Raspberry PI assembled!ADVICE: Please wait to insert the SD card at this moment: the operating system has yet to be installed (using some tips that require a dedicated post). Obviously, don’t plug the power supplier as it will boot the system contained in the SD card.

In the next article we will cover the installation of the Linux operating system!

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